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gluten-free-fiestaThere aren’t enough words to describe the love that I have for Mexican food, and even more so since I began eating gluten-free. It’s the perfect gluten-free cuisine: easy to prepare, naturally free of gluten, and super versatile.

I try to make Mexican food once a week and the more practice I get, the more I realize how many different options there are and how utterly customizable this food is.

Since we all know how to make the typical taco, I’ve decided to share with you a couple of my favorite non-traditional Mexican recipes. These are a huge hit with my husband (who can blame him for getting tired of brown rice pasta?), are easy to make and are so, so delicious.


gluten-free-college-diningWhether you’re gearing up to go to college, or you’re a parent sending off your teen, you’re undoubtedly going to experience a lot of excitement and emotion. This whirlwind of new beginnings and responsibilities can be demanding, and if you eat a gluten-free diet it certainly adds to the stress.

If you’re going to college, you’ll be fully responsible for feeding yourself, possibly for the first time. Meal plans, cafeterias, food points?! As for parents, we are always concerned that our kiddos are well-fed and passing this duty on to someone else can be tough.

Below we’ve provided advice, tips, resources and a list of colleges going the extra mile to help calm your nerves as you start off on your journey.


gluten-free-meat-free-dietStudies show that people who eat vegetarian diets have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and lower blood pressure than people who eat meat.

If you take the steps to make sure you’re eating a healthy, vitamin and nutrient rich diet, eating vegetarian can be incredibly healthy. That said, combining gluten-free eating with a vegetarian diet can be hard, especially because vegetarian meals heavily rely on grains.

However, with gluten-free living easier than ever before, this option is much more manageable if you follow a few simple guidelines. Read on for some handy tips and tricks to maintain a healthy gluten-free, meat-free diet.


gluten-free-air-travelI’m sure you know the deal. 4-hour layover. Walking from one terminal to the next, pizza on your left, sandwiches on your right. Hot dogs on your left, bagels on your right.

Oh! A prepackaged salad! You step closer and realize that it is filled with croutons. The skies are not so friendly to those of us who need or want to eat gluten-free. Airline terminals are notorious for breaded and fried junk and airline meals are no picnic either.

How can you prepare for air travel on a gluten-free diet? Do airlines even offer gluten-free meals? What about snacks? And what options are there in the terminal? We’ve compiled this handy list of tips to help you out so that your next flight won’t leave your stomach growling.


dunkin-donuts-gluten-free-no-moreAs we informed you last June, Dunkin Donuts introduced two gluten-free options to their menu: a cinnamon sugar donut and a blueberry muffin. These products were tested mainly in Boston and Miami, and Dunkin Donuts claimed they would be available nationwide by the end of 2013. We all rejoiced.

We loved this news not just for the convenience of being able to pick up a pastry with our daily coffee runs, but because Dunkin Donuts took extra precautions to make sure these products were safe for celiacs, producing them at a separate facility and individually packaging them.

Word of mouth told us that these items were selling fast, and I had faith that their recipes and options would only improve. Sadly, the party’s over. Dunkin Donuts just (very quietly) pulled their gluten-free products and trashed their plans for nationwide release.

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